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While millions of men are dealing with the inability to achieve or maintain an erection, many of them dread the thought of seeing a doctor about erectile dysfunction. Studies show that only 1/3 of the men dealing with ED seek medical treatment. It’s difficult to talk about such sensitive subjects, even when you’re with a healthcare professional who has encountered countless men with the same issue before. How can you speak with your doctor about ED and get the treatment that you need?

Why Is It Hard to Talk About?

Many men assume that erectile issues are temporary problems that will go away over time. Men are also less likely to visit the doctor on a regular basis, giving them fewer opportunities to discuss this aspect of sexual health. Other men struggle to talk about erectile issues because of concerns about perceived as not being masculine or strong. In reality, there is nothing to be embarrassed about if you are dealing with erectile dysfunction. Instead, there are plenty of reasons you should see a medical professional.

Why Should You Talk with a Doctor?

First, you should talk with a doctor because erectile dysfunction can be treated. From extracorporeal shockwave therapy to platelet-rich plasma treatments, there are many different strategies for treating the underlying problems preventing you from achieving an erection. Some men don’t want to take a daily medication and assume that is the only option, but that is not true. Working with a skilled Los Angeles area doctor like Dr. P.G. Nourparvar will grant you access to the most cutting-edge, successful ED treatments available.

You should also talk with a doctor about your ED because it can be linked to more serious underlying health issues that require treatment, including high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries and diabetes. ED can also occur naturally as a result of other medical treatments as well, including prostate surgery or radiation therapy.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Before you arrive for your appointment at the best Los Angeles ED treatment center, you should get together relevant information including:

  • Any medications that you take, including supplements and OTC medications
  • Facts about your ED symptoms, including when the symptoms started, how often they occur and any other relevant correlations
  • Information about the rest of your physical health, like treatments you’ve recently undergone or other health conditions

Remember that, while it might be initially awkward discussing what you are going through, medical professionals are there to help you achieve optimal health, and that includes sexual health.

Make the Right Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Choice with Help from Dr. Padra Gad Nourparvar

If you are tired of expensive treatments in the Los Angeles area that only offer you short-term results and that are invasive or uncomfortable, it’s time to explore cutting-edge alternatives. To learn more about our natural and innovative solutions to ED, pain treatment and men’s health, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Los Angeles’ leading ED expert. Give us a call today at (213) 797-0902 to learn more.

The claims made in this blog are based on ongoing research. Results may vary based on individual patient medical conditions and age. A consultation with our Board Certified, trained physician will be scheduled before any treatments to ensure your eligibility.

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