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Coping with the new normal after prostate cancer can be devastating, especially if you are dealing with side effects that affect your relationship with your loved ones. One of the most common side effects of prostate cancer is erectile dysfunction (ED). In order to get the best treatment available in the Los Angeles area, you need to understand why ED happens and how innovative solutions can help.

Why Does Erectile Dysfunction Happen After Prostate Cancer Treatment?

Before you can understand why your treatment could have led to erectile dysfunction, it’s important to understand how your body changes over the course of treatment. Typically, when men are aroused, the brain first sends a signal to the genitals to tell the blood vessels to get wider. This leads to increased blood flow, which causes the penis to enlarge and harden. When you receive treatment for prostate cancer, your nerves, muscles and blood vessels can all become affected. Beyond that, other therapies can negatively impact your libido. Depending on what treatments you received, like a radical prostatectomy or radiation therapy, you may experience a range of both physical and mental symptoms.

How Can You Treat ED After Prostate Cancer?

There are many different methods that can help you to improve your erectile dysfunction after prostate cancer treatment. All treatment methods will have different effects based on:

  • Erection quality before treatment
  • Existing medical conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Medications like those prescribed for depression or high blood pressure
  • Lifestyle activities, like drinking or smoking
  • Age
  • Type of prostate cancer treatment

Shockwave therapy, Platelet-rich Plasma injections (PRP) and Stem Cell therapy are powerful treatments for erectile dysfunction that can yield better results than pills. Extracorporeal shockwave therapy, PRP and Stem Cells, when administered by Los Angeles-area experts like Dr. Padra Gad Nourparvar, will stimulate your tissues to promote rejuvenation and correct the underlying problems causing ED. By treating the base problem and not simply creating a temporary solution, these treatments can improve your ED issue over the long-term.

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