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We are proud to be a leader in Los Angeles ED treatment. Many of our patients travel from significant distances like San Diego, Palm Springs and Lancaster for our advanced technology that gives patients better, faster and pain-free results. Thanks to our commitment to superior patient care and the latest technology, we stand out from other Los Angeles ED treatment centers.

Advanced Technology

When you visit Dr. Padra Gad Nourparvar, you will get to experience the latest in ED treatment technology. Our advanced machine uses linear technology that spreads shockwaves instead of focusing them on one spot. That makes our extracorporeal shockwave therapy painless at the highest energy level, with no anesthesia needed. Since we’re able to use the highest energy setting, you can expect a more effective treatment.

Treatment with an older generation machine in other clinics requires numbing cream due to the painful nature of the procedure. Because of the intensity of the treatment, there is an increased risk of damaging or causing fibrosis in the tissue. Clinics using outdated technology are unable to use their machines at the highest energy levels, which results in less-effective treatment.

The Latest in PRP

As part of our Los Angeles ED treatment options, we also offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell injections designed to encourage tissue healing and reverse the symptoms of ED. Most other practices don’t offer PRP or stem-cell treatments at all, and those that do only offer a basic PRP injection. When we create an PRP injection for you, we take the time to activate the PRP, which makes it more effective. We also offer nerve block options to make this form of treatment painless. Don’t avoid a valuable treatment for fear of experiencing pain at other Los Angeles ED Treatment centers! Instead, contact our office today.

Make the Right Choice

When trying to find the right Los Angeles ED treatment center, you should make sure you take your time researching options. Treatments are investments in your health and well-being, so you should never cut corners to save a few dollars. Our office offers consultations in-person or by phone so that all your questions and concerns are addressed upfront. Our doctor will perform a comprehensive consultation to review anything in your medical history that may be contributing to your ED problems, from chronic conditions like diabetes to hormone imbalances, and from low testosterone to side-effects from medications you’re taking.

We also offer appointments that are early in the morning, late in the evening and over the weekend for your convenience.

Treat Your ED with Help from Dr. Padra Gad Nourparvar

If you are tired of expensive treatments in the Los Angeles area that only offer you short-term results and that are invasive or uncomfortable, it’s time to explore cutting-edge alternatives. To learn more about our natural and innovative solutions to ED, pain treatment and men’s health, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Los Angeles’ leading ED expert. Give us a call today at (213) 797-0902 to learn more.

The claims made in this blog are based on ongoing research. Results may vary based on individual patient medical conditions and age. A consultation with our Board Certified, trained physician will be scheduled before any treatments to ensure your eligibility.

Stem Cell

Important Disclosure:

Our clinic is not offering stem cells or stem cell therapy as a cure for any condition, disease, or injury. No statements or implied treatments on this website have been evaluated or approved by the FDA. This website contains no medical advice.  We may use biologics from umbilical cord blood, nanofat and bone marrow aspirate that potentially contain stem cells.   Many of information and treatments maybe investigational and may require participation in a research program.  No results or specific outcomes are guaranteed.  Please use this site as an educational source and consult with a physician about options and treatments.