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This is a very new technology and I wasn’t sure how it’s going to turn out. Besides Impotence this machine is FDA approved and they use it in this regenerative clinic for musculoskeletal pain without injections. With diabetes and heart surgery in the past medications like Viagra could be dangerous to use when you have erectile dysfunction.  This ESWT treatments are completely safe in people with heart disease.  Besides that Viagra and Cialis had not helped in the past ten years or so.   I had heard about this new Wave treatment but did not have much expectations.  To my surprise after my third treatment it helped waking up with an erection which is something that wasn’t seen in ten years.  You might have tried other men’s health clinics or urologist for Impotence but they usually only offer dangerous and expensive pills, injection or expensive pumps or surgeries.  This in a way can save you money and helps you get spontaneous erections without stopping to inject yourself or use a pump which kills the whole excitement.

The best part about the Erectile Dysfunction treatments were that they were completely painless unlike the first clinic that I went to near my home in San Diego.  The first clinic had the older technology of the machine and they wanted to use a numbing cream to put on before.  The cream didn’t help and it felt very painful. So I switched to this clinic and their machine uses a more modern technology of wave which was completely painless.  I just felt some vibrations and they even increased the power all the way up and I had no pain whatsoever compared to the blasts that I was getting in the other clinic.   It was totally worth to travel from near San Diego to Los Angeles for four hours of drive for this since the pain was less they could use the machine at it’s highest level and make it more effective.  They also have the P. Shot which is a PRP shot and also stem cell for men that also helps Impotence and increasing your performance in any age. You can combine those with the wave therapy.  See their website for references to research on the showcase therapy for erectile dysfunction and joint and muscle pain.  This is really the future of regenerative medicine.

Overall I would say it saves you money cause you don’t have to spend all that money on pills or trimix injections or surgery.   It can help the performance even at young or old age be increasing your circulation.

Besides Impotence this machine is FDA approved and they use it here for musculoskeletal pain without injections. This has almost the similar effects on your body like PRP or stem cells injections.  They also treat your pain that is very common in our age.

The best part is that it’s drug free and safe. After about 6 sessions it is supposed to last about 2 years or so and you can always get more boosters to help with your performance.

Since older people start to have joint pain and arthritis you should look into their regenerative treatments with Stem Cell, PRP and Shockwave that works similarly for other parts of body for knee and shoulder pain.

The visit went well, Doctor was excellent, assistant was great also, will return. Procedure went well very little pain.

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