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Safe Non Invasive & Natural Option*

Avoid surgery toxic medications and injections.

Stimulates the Body’s Own Healing Ability*

Helps balance body in a process called regeneration.*

Preventing inflammation.

A Natural Treatment*

No down time.

Return to work the same day.   


Ongoing Research Participation

We enroll our patients in ongoing research protocols and data system for collection & analysis of best outcome results from therapies. We keep records of procedures performed in our outcomes database & in shared and published databases. Patients are always treated with the best protocols & treatments based on the latest research data & informed consent on investigational nature of treatments.  Strict sterile protocols & universal precautions are followed by out office and staff.

The Difference

Treatments at Other Clinics:

"Patch up" treatments like, addicting pain medications, Steroid injection, Medications (with many side effects including weight gain & increased blood sugar, damage to kidneys, heart, stroke & gastric ulcer from NSAIDs.)

Not experienced in management of chronic diseases.

May not offer option of different bone marrow types. (only offer drilling bones or low quality umbilical stem cells.)

May use poorly trained non-physician assistants to evaluate & perform injections.

Not FDA compliant.

Treatments at Our Clinic:

Treating the root cause of the problem by regenerating the damaged regions and balancing immune system. Good safety profile with body products from own body.

Other modalities like IV Vitamin Therapy to focus on the whole body and treating different parts of it instead of just treating one out of several diseased structures in the body.

Several types of stem cell including Adipose (fat), bone marrow and umbilical cord derived options available.

Needle Free Air-Jet Pain pre Injections option for procedures.

We perform our procedures at a private Room by Medical Office Towers* in Los Angeles, with easy access to many Hospitals, Ranked in the top 10 USA Hospitals.

Our physician is a recipient of the prestigious UCLA Vice Provost Prize, the Motif Award sponsored by Walt Disney, and Altamed PACE Clinical Quality Award. His research published in the UCLA Science Journal had also been awarded the best research article of the year. Participate in conferences & up to date with the latest research. Expertise in Geriatric & Chronic Diseases.

FDA compliant with strict sterile protocols, research participation and no modification of products.

Research Papers

For years, we have done thorough research, gathered results data of patients, and gotten reviews from patients, all with a single purpose in mind – to give you adequate information that will allow you make the best decision with regards to treatment of your condition.


Addressing Stem Cell Therapeutic Approaches in Pathobiology of Diabetes and Its Complications

High morbidity and mortality of diabetes mellitus (DM) throughout the human population is a serious threat which needs to be addressed cautiously. Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) are most prevalent forms. Disruption in insulin regulation and resistance leads to increased formation and accumulation of advanced end products (AGEs), which further enhance oxidative and nitrosative stress leading to microvascular (retinopathy, neuropathy, and nephropathy) and macrovascular complications. These complications affect the normal function of organ and tissues and may cause life-threatening disorders, if hyperglycemia persists and improperly controlled. Current and traditional treatment procedures are only focused on to regulate the insulin level and do not cure the diabetic complications. Pancreatic transplantation seemed a viable alternative; however, it is limited due to lack of donors. Cell-based therapy such as stem cells is considered as a promising therapeutic agent against DM and diabetic complications owing to their multilineage differentiation and regeneration potential. Previous studies have demonstrated the various impacts of both pluripotent and multipotent stem cells on DM and its micro- and macrovascular complications. Therefore, this review summarizes the potential of stem cells to treat DM and its related complications. Link to the study >>>>> HERE

Mesenchymal stem cell therapy in type 2 diabetes mellitus

Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), which is characterized by the combination of relative insulin deficiency and insulin resistance, cannot be reversed with existing therapeutic strategies. Transplantation of insulin-producing cells (IPCs) was once thought to be the most promising strategy for treating diabetes, but the pace from the laboratory to clinical application has been obstructed due to its drawbacks. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) harbor differentiation potential, immunosuppressive properties, and anti-inflammatory effects, and they are considered an ideal candidate cell type for treatment of DM. MSC-related research has demonstrated exciting therapeutic effects in glycemic control both in vivo and in vitro, and these results now have been translated into clinical practice. However, some critical potential problems have emerged from current clinical trials. Multi-center, large-scale, double-blind, and placebo-controlled studies with strict supervision are required before MSC transplantation can become a routine therapeutic approach for T2DM. We briefly review the molecular mechanism of MSC treatment for T2DM as well as the merits and drawbacks identified in current clinical trials. Link to the study >>>>> HERE

Review & Testimonials/Case Examples

“My blood sugars were way up in the 300s. I was taking 30 units of Lantus at night, and up to 10 units of Humalog during the day with each meal. I’m down to zero units of Lantus at night, and my Humalog has decreased considerably.
My blood sugar this morning was 97. I did not have Lantus last night. I’m enjoying my new freedom from shots!”*

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Introduction About the Topic

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterized by an inability of the body to process blood glucose.

Over 30.2 million persons above the age of 18 have been diagnosed with diabetes in the United States.

In the absence of proper management, diabetes can result in accumulation of sugar in the blood. This can raise the risk of complications, including heart disease and stroke.

There are different kinds of diabetes. Management of the condition varies depending on the type. Diabetes results from various causes, including a sedentary lifestyle, or being overweight.

Types Of Diabetes

There are three major types of diabetes: Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes.

Type I diabetes: Type 1 diabetes is also known as juvenile diabetes. Type 1 diabetes occurs when the beta cells of the pancreas cannot produce insulin. Type 1 diabetic patients are insulin-dependent. For these people to survive, they must receive a daily dose of artificial insulin.

Type 2 diabetes: Unlike Type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes affects the way insulin is used by the body. In type 2 diabetes, the body fails to respond to insulin. Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes, and it is greatly associated with obesity.

Gestational diabetes: As the name implies, gestational diabetes occurs during pregnancy. At this time, the sensitivity of the body to insulin reduces. Not all women have gestational diabetes, and more so, it usually resolves after birth.

Current Treatment at Other Clinics


Type 1 diabetes and some cases of type 2 diabetes require a daily injection of insulin. This helps to prevent the blood sugar level from getting too high.

There are various types of insulin – and most are classified according to the duration of their effects. Synthetic insulin are classified as rapid, regular, intermediate, and long-lasting.

Some people use insulin to keep their blood sugar at a consistently low level. Others may use a combination of the different types of insulin, or a short-acting insulin. Whatever type of insulin is being used, the patient can check his or her blood glucose level with a finger stick.

This method involves checking the blood glucose level with a glucometer. With the reading from this device, one can then know exactly how much insulin they need.

The most effective way to know one’s blood sugar level is by self-monitoring. It is quite dangerous to assume blood sugar levels through physical symptoms.

Other medications that are used for the treatment of diabetes include:

  • Metformin
  • SGLT2 inhibitors
  • GLP1 receptor antagonists

Current treatment involves using medications and at times injection.  These treatments are considered a patch up of the problem without treating the root cause of the problem.  Medications & steroids have many side effects including weight gain & increased blood sugar from steroids, damage to kidneys, heart, stroke & gastric ulcer.  Surgery can be very debilitating with prolong downtime during recovery requiring at times prolonged bed rest & even residing in nursing home for recovery.  It also entails a lot of risk including risk of infection, bleeding, poor surgical outcome to name a few.  Stem cells however, reduce the inflammation and pain that are typical of these conditions. Current ongoing research on the effect of stem cells has shown positive results.

We are different from many other clinics who offer stem cell or PRP.   Other may also not offer option of bone marrow derived stem cell, Adipose derived stem cell & umbilical cord stem cell.  They in effect expose patients to more invasive treatments like drilling bones without offering other easier options.  They also may use xray with unnecessary radiation for injections that can be easily avoided in most cases by using ultrasound.  Furthermore, they may not have proper knowledge of how other modalities can enhance the effects of Stem Cells.  These other modalities are used by us to focus on the whole body and treating different parts of it instead of just treating one out of several diseased structures in the body. 

Safe Non Surgical Option

We use a combination of newest cutting edge technology in regenerative medicine to stimulate body’s own repair ability to reverse aging and damage.   We use Stem Cells as part of treatment plan designed by the doctor to treat the body.    These are safe investigational treatments that have shown very promising & safe results in thousands of treatments over the 10-20 years in Europe and USA.   They don’t involve using any medications or drugs.  


What Does Stem Cell Therapy Do?

The researchers believe that the therapy works by:

Releasing cytokines into the body to prevent further damage and inflammation.

Preventing inflammation that can make the disease worse.

Creating healthy new tissues or missing or damaged products in body.

Many patients experience improvements in the treated area and other areas, like in a Mayo Clinic study where patients benefited in both knees after experiencing injections in only one.

Treatment Of Diabetes With Stem Cells

Recent research has shown that mesenchymal stem cells from embryological (cord blood) and fat tissue does have the potential to improve diabetes mellitus and even reverse it. Mesenchymal stem cells differentiate and then migrate to the damaged site where they release cytokines or growth factors. Type one diabetes is caused by death or destruction of the beta cells of the pancreas. Recent research has shown that mesenchymal stem cells may help to stimulate the secretion of insulin, increase the production of beta cells in the pancreas, enhance the survival of the islets, and treat limb ischemia and diabetic ulcers.

A study published in the Journal of Cell Therapy has shown that mesenchymal stem cells can differentiate into beta cells in the pancreatic islet. They also have the potential to travel to the liver, the site of injury, and the pancreatic islets. One they arrive there, they contribute to repair and remodeling of tissues, along with improvement of metabolic function.

At our facility, stem cell therapy for diabetes involves injection of mesenchymal stem cells harvested from the embryo (human umbilical cord tissue).

We use stem cells from human umbilical cord tissue (allogenic mesenchymal stem cells). We expand these stem cells at a state-of-the-art laboratory.

The mesenchymal stem cells are derived from umbilical donated after normal, healthy births. The medical history of each mother is screened. Test for infectious diseases is done, and each family gives their consent before donating.

All stem cells derived from umbilical cords are screened for infectious ailments. Screening is done to International Blood Bank Standards prior to usage.

As a matter of fact, a very low percentage of donated umbilical cords scale through this screening process.

What makes our facility special?

At our Los Angeles facility, we have invented modern approaches to medical care. Our approach to treatment is second to none. The harvesting process does not involve any form of drilling, and the stem cells are purified and tested for quality before injection. We also employ ultrasound to help in the precise location of high dose stem cells at the required site. These cells will then perform their duty, promoting the formation of new tissues. We are experts in this and has seen positive outcome with our treatments. Our licensed physicians have undergone intense training running into thousands of hours, and so, you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

Needle Free Air-Jet Pain pre Injections

Our doctor is one of the few doctors in USA & Los Angeles offering the new technology of needle free injection.  Located in Beverly Hills adjacent fancily we serve customers from Los Angeles, Orange county and Ventura County.  We are premier destination for out of town customers from Nevada, Arizona, San Francisco, San Diego & Oregon.  We are proud to be the premier location for the advancement in medical technology and patient comfort in Southern California.  We have introduced our needle free injector for a more comfortable and painless experience.  There are many advantages in using needle free injectors and it is elected to replace traditional injections in the near future.  They allow injections with very small doses of medicine with significantly faster onset and a lot less pain and discomfort.

Our Office is Located at one of America’s Top Health Venue in Beverly Hills Adjacent        

We perform our procedures at a private Room by Medical Office Towers* in Los Angeles, with easy access to many Hospitals, Ranked in the top 10 USA Hospitals.  These hospitals are ranked nationally in 11 specialties and has been named to the “Honor Roll” in U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Hospitals 2016-17.”

In 2014-15, these medical centers in the Los Angeles area to win the Consumer Choice Award for:

  • Best Overall Healthcare Quality
  • Best Image
  • Best Doctors
  • Best Nurses

You Are in Good Hands!

Dr. Padra Gad Nourparvar is a recipient of the prestigious UCLA vice provost prize, the Motif Award sponsored by Walt Disney, and Altamed PACE Clinical Quality Award. His research published in the ULCA Science Journal had also been awarded the best research article of the year.

He has special affiliation to Cedar Sinai, White Memorial, CHLA, and other top medical institutions. He is a diplomat of Board of Osteopathic FP & Licensed by the Medical Board of California Physician & Surgeons. He is trained by the NY College of Osteopathic Medicine in osteopathic manipulation. Also, he has trained in several physical medicine & rehab hospitals & research facilities including UCLA, UC Irvine, Mount Sinai,  NYU.

As a plus, he is one of the few and first doctor in USA trained in ultrasound guided joint injection for precision guided accurate injections and needle free air-jet injector.  Dr. P. Nourparvar has been a pioneer in medical technology and advancements including stem cell. He is passionate about natural treatment with very minimal use of medication while also avoiding unnecessary surgical procedures. He is well versed in the latest and most effective anti-aging treatment using PRP and stem cell. He has extensive expertise and many years of experience in geriatrics & chronic disease management.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different kinds of diabetes?

Diabetes occurs when the body cannot produce insulin, nor make use of the one that is produced. Insulin is a hormone produced by the beta cells of the pancreas, and plays a very important role in the regulation of blood sugar.

What are the types of diabetes?

There are three different kinds of diabetes: Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes.

What are the risk factors for diabetes?

The precise cause of diabetes is not fully understood. However, lifestyle factors contribute mainly to this. A sedentary lifestyle, fatty and salty diet, and high intake of sugar contributes to this.

What is hemoglobin A1C?

Hemoglobin A1C is a type of blood test. It is a very important test because it helps to determine how well the diabetes is being controlled over time. Blood tests taken over a period of two to three months help to estimate the average blood sugar level of the patient.

What is the normal blood sugar level?
  • Fasting blood glucose 70-130mg/dl
  • 2 hour after start of meals <180 mg/dl
  • Pre meal glucose: <140 mg/dl
From where do stem cells originate?

Stem cells are present in many tissues and organs. The bone marrow is the richest source of stem cells. However, the most convenient region for harvesting is the umbilical cord.

How are adult stem cells harvested?

The physician draws the stem cells from the umbilical cord. The stem cells and the growth factors will then be concentrated using specially designed equipment. The physician then injects the cells into the destined regions.


What’s the Cost of Stem Cell Injection?

The cost of treatment depends on the procedure performed.  We often offer discounts for returning customers or larger packages of treatment using repeated injections or combining different treatments.  We also offer a price match policy on comparing treatments done by board certified physicians.  We also have interest free payment plan options including care credit for qualifying patients. A limited number of insurance companies and Workers compensation may at times cover some of the expenses.  You may be able to get reimbursed by your insurance for your doctor visits & ultrasound cost. The consultation fee can be deducted from your future procedures, making your consolation free of cost to you.

Book a consultation with our experts to see the type of procedure that is right for you.

When will my results show up?

Stem cell therapy relies on your own regenerative healing to occur. We are all different and so is our healing process. Some patients may begin to see their results within few weeks while others may require some months. The time taken for healing to manifest also depends on the severity of the disease.

What can stem cell therapy potentially treat?

Stem cell therapy is beneficial to a number of conditions such as osteoarthritis, erectile dysfunction, joint pain, renal disease, neurological disorders, autism, cellular rejuvenation, etc.

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*Claims are based on ongoing research. Please note that results may vary based on a patient’s medical conditions & age and may require a few months & repeated treatments to obtain. Treatments are considered investigational & these claims have not been verified by the FDA.  No claim for curing or treating of any condition is made.  A consultation with our trained Board Certified physician is scheduled before starting your treatments to confirm the procedure would be appropriate for you. 

Stem Cell

Important Disclosure:

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