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Safe Non Invasive & Natural Option*

Avoid surgery toxic medications and injections.

Stimulates The Body’s Own Healing Ability*

Helps balance body in a process called regeneration.*

Preventing inflammation.


A Natural Treatment*

No down time.

Return to work the same day.


Ongoing Research Participation

We enroll our patients in ongoing research protocols and data system for collection & analysis of best outcome results from therapies. We keep records of procedures performed in our outcomes database & in shared and published databases. Patients are always treated with the best protocols & treatments based on the latest research data & informed consent on investigational nature of treatments. Strict sterile protocols & universal precautions are followed by out office and staff.

The Difference

Treatments at other Clinics :

"Patch up" treatments like, surgery, injection, Medications (with many side effects including weight gain & increased blood sugar, damage to kidneys, heart, stroke & gastric ulcer)

Not experienced in management of chronic diseases.

May not offer option of different bone marrow types. (only offer drilling bones or low quality umbilical stem cells.)

May use poorly trained non-physician assistants to evaluate & perform injections.

Not FDA compliant.

Treatments at Our Clinic :

Treating the root cause of the problem by regenerating the damaged regions and balancing immune system. Good safety profile with body products from own body.

Other modalities like IV Vitamin Therapy to focus on the whole body and treating different parts of it instead of just treating one out of several diseased structures in the body.

Several types of stem cell including Adipose (fat), bone marrow and umbilical cord derived options available.

Needle Free Air-Jet pre Injections option for procedures.

We perform our procedures at a private Room by Medical Office Towers* in Los Angeles, with easy access to many Hospitals, Ranked in the top 10 USA Hospitals.

Our physician is a recipient of the prestigious UCLA Vice Provost Prize, the Motif Award sponsored by Walt Disney, and Altamed PACE Clinical Quality Award. His research published in the UCLA Science Journal had also been awarded the best research article of the year. Participate in conferences & up to date with the latest research. Expertise in Geriatric & Chronic Diseases.

FDA compliant with strict sterile protocols, research participation and no modification of products.

Research Papers

For years, we have done thorough research, gathered results data of patients, and gotten reviews from patients, all with a single purpose in mind – to give you adequate information that will allow you make the best decision with regards to treatment of your condition.

The benefits and risks of testosterone replacement therapy

“There is an astronomic increase in population aging and longevity. This, in turn, has caused an increase in the number of men with late onset hypogonadism. Hypogonadism is a common condition. Unfortunately, it is often underdiagnosed and undertreated. To undergo testosterone replacement therapy, a man must have a decreased testosterone level and also experience signs and symptoms of hypogonadism. Studies have shown that testosterone replacement therapy has a wide range of benefits for men including improved body composition, improvement in function and mood, cognition, erythropoiesis, cardiovascular disease, and quality of life. Risk appears to be the most controversial area, especially possible stimulation of prostate cancer by testosterone, although there’s no evidence to support this. This review discusses what is known and what is not known with regards to the benefits and risks of testosterone replacement therapy.” Link to the study >>>>> HERE

Review & Testimonials/Case Examples

“After having many failed relationships, I began to analyze how I was living my life. Around the same time, I heard of testosterone replacement therapy offered. I was in my 40s, had a moody appearance, and always felt fatigued after a long. Stressful day at work.
And so I decided to have my levels tested. Truth be told, my testosterone levels had decreased. Getting older, always getting stressed out and pressurized at work, and not eating or sleeping right made it difficult for my body to keep up and produce adequate amounts of testosterone as it did in my 20s.
I’ve received treatment for close to a year, and it has caused great improvement in my life. I recommend this center to those who have similar symptoms.”

P Edward

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Introduction About the Topic

What is Hormone Replacement therapy?

As a man gets older, his testosterone level decreases. Hormone replacement therapy therefore seeks to replace the decreasing hormone. In men, testosterone helps with:

  • Development of the organ
  • Reproductive function
  • Maintenance of bone density
  • Maintenance of red blood cells at healthy levels
  • Muscle production

However, natural decrease of hormone in men has little or no adverse effect on the man’s health any more than the aging process does.

Over the next 25 years, it is expected that the mean age of men in the United States will rise with the highest increase occurring in men above 65 years of age.

This will be associated with an increase in the occurrence of age-related issues, such as strokes, cancer, hormone deficiency, and heart disease. Medical science has thoroughly addressed the health issues associated with age-related hormonal decrease in women. However, research has shown that changes in hormonal levels in the male are associated with significant health issues.

Medications That Decrease Medications

Certain medications used for blood pressure may decrease testosterone.  Many doctors ingonre that fact and overlook reviewing the medications.  Your medications are carefully reviewed during the initial consultation and the doctor will review your medications and make sure they are not causing the decrease in testosterone.  

It is beneficial to certain men

You can benefit from hormone therapy if your testosterone level is unnaturally low. For instance, men who have hypogonadism can have very low levels of testosterone. Hypogonadism is a testicular dysfunction that prevents the production of adequate amounts of testosterone.

It is not certain whether testosterone therapy may be beneficial in men whose reduced testosterone is simply caused by aging. It’s been pretty difficult for researchers to answer this question. Very few researchers have studied the effects of testosterone therapy in men with adequate levels of testosterone.

Types Of Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men

There are several options for hormone replacement therapy. These include:

  • Intramuscular testosterone injections: Our specialists will administer the hormone via intramuscular injection. The injection will be administered into your muscles about every 2-3 weeks depending on the tretment.
  • Testosterone patches: These must be applied daily to your arms, back, abdomen or buttocks. Ensure you rotate the sites of application.
  • Topical testosterone gel: Apply this daily to your abdomen, arms, and shoulders.

Current Treatment at Other Clinics

Current treatment involves using medications, injection or surgery.  These treatments are considered a patch up of the problem without treating the root cause of the problem.  Medications & injections have many side effects including weight gain & increased blood sugar, damage to kidneys, heart, stroke & gastric ulcer.  Surgery can be very debilitating with prolong downtime during recovery requiring at times prolonged bed rest for recovery.  It also entails a lot of risk including risk of infection, bleeding, poor surgical outcome to name a few. 


Testosterone replacement therapy does have some risks. Some of the side effects are minor, while others are serious.

Side effects of testosterone hormone therapy that could be considered minor include:

  • Acne
  • Retention of fluid
  • Increased urination

Severe side effects include:

  • Decrease in testicle size
  • Enlargement of the breasts
  • Sleep apnea worsens
  • Infertility
  • Reduced sperm count
  • Increase in cholesterol level
  • Increase in red blood cell count

An increase in red blood cell count may cause any of the following:

  • High blood pressure
  • Pains in the muscle
  • Blurry vision
  • Pains in the chest
  • Clots in the blood vessels



  • Increased strength and health of the bones
  • Leaner body mass – testosterone increases lean body mass as well as strength. However, it decreases fat mass. Testosterone stimulates erythropoietin and thus increases blood count. It also causes dilation of blood vessels in the heart while also improving the lipid profile.
  • Enhancement of Men’s health.

Safe Non Surgical Option

We use a combination of newest cutting edge technology in regenerative medicine to stimulate body’s own repair ability to reverse aging and damage. We use Stem Cells as part of treatment plan designed by the doctor to treat the body. These are safe investigational treatments that have shown very promising & safe results in thousands of treatments over the 10-20 years in Europe and USA. They don’t involve using any medications or drugs.


What Does Stem Cell Therapy Do?

The researchers believe that the therapy works by:

Releasing cytokines into the body to prevent further damage and inflammation.

Preventing inflammation that can make the disease worse.

Creating healthy new tissues or missing or damaged products in body.

Stimulate new blood vessel and nerve formation or activation. Stem Cells shown to awaken tissues in brain in stroke patients.

Platelet Rich Plasma for ED

Platelet rich plasma is another effective approach to ED (ED). In PRP, a small quantity of your blood will be harvested from your vein and processed using a centrifuge. The resulting platelet rich plasma will then be injected into the cavernous, resulting in the release of growth factors, development of new blood vessels in the organ, and ultimately, improved function.  This is also marketed by some doctors as the PShot.

Other forms of treatment that we offer include:

  • Extracorporeal shockwave or Sonic Wave therapy

 Please see more here

How We Treat Hormonal Deficiency

The goal of hormone replacement therapy is to maintain the ideal concentration of the hormone without any side effects. At our facility, we have several kinds of hormone replacement including injectable, oral, buccal mucosal systems, and transdermal.

Testosterone therapy in the United States




Specific risk/benefit


Methyltestosterone Fluoxymesterone


Multiple daily doses. Risk of liver problems


Testosterone cypionate Testosterone enanthate

Testosterone cypionate Testosterone enanthate

Deep intramuscular injection. Gives very high and low levels; mood fluctuations. No daily regimen.

Subdermal implant


5-10 gms

Nonsurgical procedure to place implant. Migration. Lasts 3-6 months

Transdermal patch

Testoderm (scrotal) Testoderm TTS Androderm

4-6mg/day 5mg/day 2.5-5mg/day

Scrotal patch: daily shaving, variable abpsorption. Non scrotal patch: skin welts at patch site.

Transdermal gel

Androgel Testim

Androgel Testim

Rubs off on partner or children. Odor. High convenience factor.

Transbuccal pill


30mg buccal tablet

Take twice daily. Gum or mouth irritation. Taste perversion.


What makes our facility special?

At our Los Angeles facility, we have invented modern approaches to medical care. Our approach to treatment is second to none. The harvesting process does not involve any form of drilling, and the stem cells are purified and tested for quality before injection. We also employ ultrasound to help in the precise location of high dose stem cells at the required site. These cells will then perform their duty, promoting the formation of new tissues. We are experts in this and has seen positive outcome with our treatments. Our licensed physicians have undergone intense training running into thousands of hours, and so, you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

Needle Free Air-Jet Pain pre Injections

Our doctor is one of the few doctors in USA & Los Angeles offering the new technology of needle free injection.  Located in Beverly Hills adjacent fancily we serve customers from Los Angeles, Orange county and Ventura County.  We are premier destination for out of town customers from Nevada, Arizona, San Francisco, San Diego & Oregon.  We are proud to be the premier location for the advancement in medical technology and patient comfort in Southern California.  We have introduced our needle free injector for a more comfortable and painless experience.  There are many advantages in using needle free injectors and it is elected to replace traditional injections in the near future.  They allow injections with very small doses of medicine with significantly faster onset and a lot less pain and discomfort.

Our Office is Located at one of America’s Top Health Venue in Beverly Hills Adjacent        

We perform our procedures at a private Room by Medical Office Towers* in Los Angeles, with easy access to many Hospitals, Ranked in the top 10 USA Hospitals. These hospitals are ranked nationally in 11 specialties and has been named to the “Honor Roll” in U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Hospitals 2016-17.”

In 2014-15, these medical centers in the Los Angeles area to win the Consumer Choice Award for:

  • Best Overall Healthcare Quality
  • Best Image
  • Best Doctors
  • Best Nurses

Dr. Padra Gad Nourparvar is a recipient of the prestigious UCLA vice provost prize, the Motif Award sponsored by Walt Disney, and Altamed PACE Clinical Quality Award. His research published in the ULCA Science Journal had also been awarded the best research article of the year.

He has special affiliation to Cedar Sinai, White Memorial, CHLA, and other top medical institutions. He is a diplomat of Board of Osteopathic FP & Licensed by the Medical Board of California Physician & Surgeons. He is trained by the NY College of Osteopathic Medicine. Also, he has trained in several research facilities including UCLA, UC Irvine, Mount Sinai,  NYU.

As a plus, he is one of the few and first doctor in USA trained in ultrasound guided  injection for precision guided accurate injections and needle free air-jet injector.  Dr. P. Nourparvar has been a pioneer in medical technology and advancements including stem cell. He is passionate about natural treatment with very minimal use of medication while also avoiding unnecessary surgical procedures. He is well versed in the latest and most effective anti-aging treatment using PRP and stem cell. He has extensive expertise and many years of experience in geriatrics & chronic disease management.

Dr. Padra Nourparvar is first and only physician in West of USA using new technology in circumcision including suture free circumcision, suture free revision, suture free frenulectomy, shang ring & natural sedation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is male hormone replacement therapy?

Male hormone replacement therapy is that which involves administration of testosterone, the hormone that helps with the development of the organs and production of secondary characteristics such as muscularity and hair. Male hormone replacement therapy is in most cases used to correct hypogonadism.

What does male hormone replacement therapy involve?

Testosterone can be administered in several forms, including gels, transdermal systems, and injections. Patches allow the release of the hormone over a long period of time, and prevents the rise and fall of the hormone levels. Such fluctuations in hormone level causes variations in desire, mood, and energy.

Does male hormone replacement therapy have any side effects?

Some side effects include prostate enlargement, sleep problems and infertility. Our doctors will monitor your health through tests and regular checkups when you are undergoing hormone replacement therapy.

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*Claims are based on ongoing research. Please note that results may vary based on a patient’s medical conditions & age and may require a few months & repeated treatments to obtain. Treatments are considered investigational & these claims have not been verified by the FDA.  No claim for curing or treating of any condition is made.  A consultation with our trained Board Certified physician is scheduled before starting your treatments to confirm the procedure would be appropriate for you. 

Stem Cell

Important Disclosure:

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