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Safe Non Invasive & Natural Option*

Avoid surgery toxic medications and injections.

Stimulates the Body’s Own Healing Ability*

Helps balance body in a process called regeneration.*

Preventing inflammation.

A Natural Treatment*

No down time.

Return to work the same day.   

The Difference

Treatments at Other Clinics:

"Patch up" treatments like, addicting pain medications, Steroid injection, Medications (with many side effects including weight gain & increased blood sugar, damage to kidneys, heart, stroke & gastric ulcer from NSAIDs.)

Not experienced in management of chronic diseases.

May not offer option of different bone marrow types. (only offer drilling bones or low quality umbilical stem cells.)

May use poorly trained non-physician assistants to evaluate & perform injections.

Not FDA compliant.

Treatments at Our Clinic:

Treating the root cause of the problem by regenerating the damaged regions and balancing immune system. Good safety profile with body products from own body.

Other modalities like IV Vitamin Therapy to focus on the whole body and treating different parts of it instead of just treating one out of several diseased structures in the body.

Several types of stem cell including Adipose (fat), bone marrow and umbilical cord derived options available.

Needle Free Air-Jet Pain pre Injections option for procedures.

We perform our procedures at a private Room by Medical Office Towers* in Los Angeles, with easy access to many Hospitals, Ranked in the top 10 USA Hospitals.

Our physician is a recipient of the prestigious UCLA Vice Provost Prize, the Motif Award sponsored by Walt Disney, and Al-tamed PACE Clinical Quality Award. His research published in the UCLA Science Journal had also been awarded the best re-search article of the year. Participate in conferences & up to date with the latest research. Expertise in Geriatric & Chronic Diseases.

FDA compliant with strict sterile protocols, research participation and no modification of products.

Research Papers

For years, we have done thorough research, gathered results data of patients, and gotten reviews from patients, all with a single purpose in mind – to give you adequate information that will allow you make the best decision with regards to treatment of your condition.


A study by the Lung Institute  involving approximately 100 patients showed that within three months of treatment, 84% of the patients witnessed an improvement in their quality of life. This lends credence to the fact that stem cell therapy can help to improve the quality of life of COPD patients.

Stem cell therapies for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: current status of pre-clinical studies and clinical trials

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a respiratory disease that has a major impact worldwide. The currently-available drugs mainly focus on relieving the symptoms of COPD patients. Novel regenerative therapeutic approaches have been investigated with the aim of repairing or replacing the injured functional structures of the respiratory system. We summarized the progress made by regenerative therapies for COPD by analyzing results from both pre-clinical studies and completed clinical trials. These approaches include the application of exogenous stem cells or small molecules to stimulate the regeneration by endogenous lung stem/progenitor cells. Exogenous mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have been reported to repair the structure and improve the function of the injured respiratory system in COPD models. However, the studies that used MSCs in patients with moderate-to-severe COPD patients did not lead to clear respiratory functional improvements. Exogenous human lung stem cells applied to cryo-injured (CI) lungs of mice have been shown to organize into human-like pulmonary structures, indicating a new property of stem cells that is potentially capable of curing COPD patients. Small molecules like retinoic acid has been shown to lead to regeneration and repair of the damaged lung structures in COPD mouse models probably by activation of endogenous lung stem/progenitor cells. However, retinoic acid or agonists of retinoic acid receptor administered to moderate or severe COPD patients did not improve the density and function of the damaged lung. These novel regenerative approaches have failed in preliminary clinical trials, possibly due to the advanced severity of the disease. Further work should be done to develop the current regenerative approaches for curing patients at different stages of COPD. We suggest that some modifications of the approach in the clinical studies may lead to more successful outcomes of regenerative therapy for COPD. Link to the study >>>>> HERE

Review & Testimonials/Case Examples

A pilot report of the Lung Institute called Autologous Stem Cell Therapy and its Effects on COPD, indicates that 82% of patients with the disease had improvements in their quality of life after stem cell therapy. The level of improvement varies from patient to patient.

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Introduction About the Topic

Defining Copd

COPD is the acronym for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. COPD is a group of lung disorders. The major forms of COPD are chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Many COPD patients suffer from both conditions.

Emphysema causes a progressive destruction of air sacs in the lungs. This impedes the outward flow of air. Bronchitis on the other hand is an inflammation of the bronchial tubes. This inflammation (and constriction of the bronchial tubes) causes the buildup of mucus.

The major cause of COPD is smoking. Prolonged exposure to toxins and environmental irritants also results in COPD. COPD does not occur all at once. It takes some time to develop.

Diagnosis of COPD involves blood tests, imaging tests, and lung function tests.

Conventional treatment for COPD does not cure the disease. Rather, it eases the symptoms and also minimizes the risk of complications. Some of the conventional forms of treatment include surgery, supplemental oxygen therapy, and medications.

If COPD is left untreated, it may cause the disease to progress, leading to heart disorders, and respiratory infections.

Research has shown that at up to 30 million Americans have COPD. And up to 50% of this population are not aware that they have the condition.


How do i know that i have copd? What are the symptoms?

COPD makes breathing very difficult. At the initial stage of the disease, the symptoms may be mild. It usually begins with shortness of breath (dyspnea) and intermittent cough. As the disease progresses, the symptoms increase, and become more persistent, to the extent that breathing becomes very difficult.

A COPD patient may experience some tightness or wheezing in the chest. He or she may also produce a lot of sputum. COPD patients usually have acute exacerbations.

Early symptoms of COPD may include:

  • Occasional dyspnea, occurring after exercise in most cases
  • Recurrent cough
  • Always wanting to clear the throat, especially in the mornings.

The patient may begin to make some minor changes such as avoiding physical activities.

Symptoms may become worse and very difficult to ignore.

What is the cause of copd?

In the United States and other developed countries, cigarette smoking is the major cause of COPD. Studies have shown that no less than 90 percent of COPD patients have a history of smoking.

Among chronic smokers, 20-30 percent develop COPD. Others may have their lung function compromised.

Most COPD patients are at least 40 years of age. The risk of COPD is also high if the individual is an asthmatic.

COPD can also be triggered by prolonged exposure to fumes and chemicals at the patient’s workplace.

Current Treatment at Other Clinics

Current treatment involves using medications, steroid injection.  These treatments are considered a patch up of the problem without treating the root cause of the problem.  Medications & steroids have many side effects including weight gain & increased blood sugar from steroids, damage to kidneys, heart, stroke & gastric ulcer.  Surgery can be very debilitating with prolong downtime during recovery requiring at times prolonged bed rest & even residing in nursing home for recovery.  It also entails a lot of risk including risk of infection, bleeding, poor surgical outcome to name a few.  Stem cells however, reduce the inflammation and pain that are typical of these conditions. Current ongoing research on the effect of stem cells has shown positive results.

We are different from many other clinics who offer stem cell or PRP.   Other may also not offer option of bone marrow derived stem cell, Adipose derived stem cell & umbilical cord stem cell.  They in effect expose patients to more invasive treatments like drilling bones without offering other easier options.  They also may use xray with unnecessary radiation for injections that can be easily avoided in most cases by using ultrasound.  Furthermore, they may not have proper knowledge of how other modalities can enhance the effects of Stem Cells.  These other modalities are used by us to focus on the whole joint and treating different parts of it instead of just treating one out of several diseased structures in the joint. 

Safe Non Surgical Option

We use a combination of newest cutting edge technology in regenerative medicine to stimulate body’s own repair ability to reverse aging and damage.   We use Stem Cells as part of treatment plan designed by the doctor to treat the body.    These are safe investigational treatments that have shown very promising & safe results in thousands of treatments over the 10-20 years in Europe and USA.   They don’t involve using any medications or drugs.  


What Does Stem Cell Therapy Do?

The researchers believe that the therapy works by:

Releasing cytokines into the body to prevent further damage and inflammation.

Preventing inflammation that can make the disease worse.

Creating healthy new tissues or missing or damaged products in body.

Many patients experience improvements in the treated area and other areas, like in a Mayo Clinic study where patients benefited in both knees after experiencing injections in only one.

Stem Cell Treatment For Copd

It is obvious that stem cell therapy is the big cure that we’ve all been waiting for – with respect to COP treatment. Regenerative medicine is getting more popular by the day and is being used to treat a wide range of disorders – COPD included. Ongoing research is showning that stem cell therapy is very effective for COPD.

Stem cell therapy can be used for the treatment of COPD through the introduction of adult stem cells which will then differentiate into the various cells of the respiratory tract, such that are important for healthy functioning of the lungs. The stem cells then enhance the formation of capillaries that leads to repair of the tissues.

Also, scientists are of the view that it is possible to create healthy and active lung cells using stem cells, and also offer full treatment for COPD along with decrease in inflammation.

Conditions Treated:

  • COPD
  • Asthma
  • emphysema
  • Chronic Obstructive Disease
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis
  • Interstitial Lung Disease
  • Bronchiectasis
  • Pneumoconiosis

What makes our facility special?

At our Los Angeles facility, we have invented modern approaches to medical care. Our approach to treatment is second to none. The harvesting process does not involve any form of drilling, and the stem cells are purified and tested for quality before injection. We also employ ultrasound to help in the precise location of high dose stem cells at the required site. These cells will then perform their duty, promoting the formation of new tissues. We are experts in this and has seen positive outcome with our treatments. Our licensed physicians have undergone intense training running into thousands of hours, and so, you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

Needle Free Air-Jet Pain pre Injections

Our doctor is one of the few doctors in USA & Los Angeles offering the new technology of needle free injection.  Located in Beverly Hills adjacent fancily we serve customers from Los Angeles, Orange county and Ventura County.  We are premier destination for out of town customers from Nevada, Arizona, San Francisco, San Diego & Oregon.  We are proud to be the premier location for the advancement in medical technology and patient comfort in Southern California.  We have introduced our needle free injector for a more comfortable and painless experience.  There are many advantages in using needle free injectors and it is elected to replace traditional injections in the near future.  They allow injections with very small doses of medicine with significantly faster onset and a lot less pain and discomfort.

Our Office is Located at one of America’s Top Health Venue in Beverly Hills Adjacent        

We perform our procedures at a private Room by Medical Office Towers* in Los Angeles, with easy access to many Hospitals, Ranked in the top 10 USA Hospitals.  These hospitals are ranked nationally in 11 specialties and has been named to the “Honor Roll” in U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Hospitals 2016-17.”

In 2014-15, these medical centers in the Los Angeles area to win the Consumer Choice Award for:

  • Best Overall Healthcare Quality
  • Best Image
  • Best Doctors
  • Best Nurses

You Are in Good Hands!

Dr. Padra Gad Nourparvar is a recipient of the prestigious UCLA vice provost prize, the Motif Award sponsored by Walt Disney, and Altamed PACE Clinical Quality Award. His research published in the ULCA Science Journal had also been awarded the best research article of the year.

He has special affiliation to Cedar Sinai, White Memorial, CHLA, and other top medical institutions. He is a diplomat of Board of Osteopathic FP & Licensed by the Medical Board of California Physician & Surgeons. He is trained by the NY College of Osteopathic Medicine in osteopathic manipulation. Also, he has trained in several physical medicine & rehab hospitals & research facilities including UCLA, UC Irvine, Mount Sinai,  NYU.

As a plus, he is one of the few and first doctor in USA trained in ultrasound guided joint injection for precision guided accurate injections and needle free air-jet injector.  Dr. P. Nourparvar has been a pioneer in medical technology and advancements including stem cell. He is passionate about natural treatment with very minimal use of medication while also avoiding unnecessary surgical procedures. He is well versed in the latest and most effective anti-aging treatment using PRP and stem cell. He has extensive expertise and many years of experience in geriatrics & chronic disease management.  

Frequently Asked Questions

From where do stem cells originate?

Stem cells are present in many tissues and organs. The bone marrow is the richest source of stem cells. However, the most convenient region for harvesting is the umbilical cord.


How are adult stem cells harvested?

The physician draws the stem cells from the umbilical cord. The stem cells and the growth factors will then be concentrated using specially designed equipment. The physician then injects the cells into the destined regions.


What’s the Cost of Stem Cell Injection?

The cost of treatment depends on the procedure performed.  We often offer discounts for returning customers or larger packages of treatment using repeated injections or combining different treatments.  We also offer a price match policy on comparing treatments done by board certified physicians.  We also have interest free payment plan options including care credit for qualifying patients. A limited number of insurance companies and Workers compensation may at times cover some of the expenses.  You may be able to get reimbursed by your insurance for your doctor visits & ultrasound cost. The consultation fee can be deducted from your future procedures, making your consolation free of cost to you.

Book a consultation with our experts to see the type of procedure that is right for you.


When will my results show up?

Stem cell therapy relies on your own regenerative healing to occur. We are all different and so is our healing process. Some patients may begin to see their results within few weeks while others may require some months. The time taken for healing to manifest also depends on the severity of the disease.

What can stem cell therapy potentially treat?

Stem cell therapy is beneficial to a number of conditions such as osteoarthritis, erectile dysfunction, joint pain, renal disease, neurological disorders, autism, cellular rejuvenation, etc.

I’m finding it difficult to quit smoking. What can I do?

You can join a support group or employ the services of a therapist. Quitting smoking reduces your risk of contracting COPD by over 50 percent.

I’m on supplemental oxygen but I still have dyspnea. What do I do?

Low oxygen levels occur when the blood vessels do not connect with the air sacs. Because of this, the oxygen in the air sacs are not transferred to the blood and the individual becomes short of breath.


I’ve been diagnosed with COPD. How long can I live and what quality of life will I live?

Even with a COPD diagnosis, you can live as long and as healthily as you want. What you need do is to engage in safe exercise while also paying close attention to symptoms of acute exacerbation.

I’ve been hospitalized twice because of COPD. How can I avoid these in the future?

To remain stable and eliminate or decrease these episodes, you must learn about triggers, early warning signs of COPD flare-ups (exacerbations), and have a written action plan worked out with your health care provider. Taking your medications as prescribed will also help you stay healthy.


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*Claims are based on ongoing research. Please note that results may vary based on a patient’s medical conditions & age and may require a few months & repeated treatments to obtain. Treatments are considered investigational & these claims have not been verified by the FDA.  No claim for curing or treating of any condition is made.  A consultation with our trained Board Certified physician is scheduled before starting your treatments to confirm the procedure would be appropriate for you. 

Stem Cell

Important Disclosure:

Our clinic is not offering stem cells or stem cell therapy as a cure for any condition, disease, or injury. No statements or implied treatments on this website have been evaluated or approved by the FDA. This website contains no medical advice.  We may use biologics from umbilical cord blood, nanofat and bone marrow aspirate that potentially contain stem cells.   Many of information and treatments maybe investigational and may require participation in a research program.  No results or specific outcomes are guaranteed.  Please use this site as an educational source and consult with a physician about options and treatments.